I’m Terry, a 31 year old Liverpudlian and this is my blog Beachcow.

First of all let me explain the name, for the past few years the background on my phone has been a picture I took of a cow on a beach in Goa, I just really liked the picture and could never be bothered changing it. So when deciding upon a name for my blog it was the first thing that popped into my head, and to me it symbolises travel, as where else do you see cows lazing around on beaches besides from far off exotic places. No cows on the beach in Blackpool, just overworked Donkeys.                                                            



Why the blog

At the time of setting up this blog I’ve already visited over 30 countries across 6 continents and in total have spent well over a year travelling to date. And it’s been somewhat of a regret that I didn’t document all of those experiences at the time, I took lots of photos and have the memories but you gradually start to forget the details, and as time goes by I can only see this getting worse. I’m treating this blog as a huge memory/experience dump!

Travelling the world was the best thing I ever did and I want to share it! From cycling the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, Cage diving with great whites in Cape Town, Trekking to Machu Piccu in Peru, Sky Diving and Bungee jumping in New Zealand, Swimming with turtles in the Great Barrier reef, Street Party’s and Booze Cruises in Brazil, Camping in the middle of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, being feet away from Leopards in India, chilling on the beaches in Thailand, getting soaked in Victoria Falls, staring deep into the Grand Canyon or partying in Mexico.

I currently work in SEO and have helped launch a brand new menswear site, Mennace. However my feet are ITCHING, once you get the travel bug you never get rid of it. I’m constantly thinking about my next holiday, next city break and my next big adventure. Before that happens I will be blogging away as I have A LOT to share.


Abit more about me

Besides from travelling I’m a gamer, a film geek, a music lover, I go out a lot along with going the Gym.